Yourls redirect to domain

Hey everyone

I have some issues with a strange thing on yourls domain. I installed everything correct and could also login to the backend, but when i shortened a url and open that shortened url in incognito browser, i get redirected to the main url where the shortener is installed.

Shortener Location:

URL to short:

Short url

But this will be falsely redirect to

Anybody has a idea why this happens?

I installed it also on main domain but same thing happens there. technical server support says that .htaccess has mentioned yourls-loader.php .

When i open short.domain(dot)com/yourls-loader.php
I get redirected to short.domain(dot)com

Of course i did not write (dot)com but had to write it in this post that way

Seems either like a typical .htaccess problem, or a server config (not YOURLS) problem. Could be lots of stuff. Check the wiki:

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