YOURLS Pseudonymize Plugin - Change of behaviouor

Hi there.

As i came across the YOURLS Pseudonymize Plugin from SAS101

I am just wondering if its not possible to change the acting of the Plugin. Unfortunatelly I am no programmer at all.

So the plugin as far as i understand rewrites the IP adress so my Statistics are obsolute as i can not see from where the click came, which referrer or soever. Simply the Hit.

Question to the experts.

The IPAdress, GeoCode, Refferer are stored in the Database right? So If i want to be GDPR Coform and want to know from where the click came (Country and referer) wouldn’t it be helpfull if the YOURLS Pseudonymize Plugin just rerwrite the IP Adress AFTER all analyse was done?

Yes, IP, country and referrer are stored in yourls_log. The plugin indeed should get the country right before truncating the IP. Did you get in touch with plugin author?