Yourls in subdirectory issue

i have installed yours on my server. Everything is good it worked.

Than i wanted to place yourls in a subdirectory by following this
github dot com/YOURLS/YOURLS/wiki/Giving-YOURLS-its-own-directory

So i edited .htaccess in main domain:

and htacces in subdomain

But now i have yourls in is working but an issue on my main domain
# Cette page ne fonctionne pas
mydomaindotcom vous a redirigé à de trop nombreuses reprises.
* [Essayez de supprimer les cookies.](

indexdotphp is not read.

Your edited .htaccess does NOT look like the one in the wiki page. It’s not supposed to be in the subdir, it’s supposed to be in the root.

Hello, thanks for your answer.
as i said, i put two htaccess, one in the root, one in the subfolder.
If you double check my htaccess, the one in root is exactly the same as wiki.

The other second one is in the subfolder.

As i am a new one on the forum, i couldn’t post my entire post with all links and pictures i wanted to add.

My post was block some days, so i forgot to come and check if it was posted to edit it the good way.

So sorry because it isn’t complete so half informations are missing in my question.

I manage another way.

You don’t need 2 htaccess. You need one, in the root.

Your 2 htaccess keep sending requests back and forth :

  • the root one redirects everything (the rewriterule) to /yourls/yourls-loader.php
  • but the /yourls/ one redirects everything to /yourls-loader.php
  • and so on

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