Yourls API doesn't work using CAS auth plugins

my server is running latest Yourls with PHP7.3.
I activated some plugins to manage authentication:

  1. AuthManagerPlus
  2. CAS plugin by Nicwaller
  3. yourls-CAS-auth by Jamal

Following successful authentication i got problems using API:

  • Nicwaller plugin allows me to send a successful browser request, but if i try an API request (e.g. curl POST req) from another server (using right signature) i get just https: //my-hostname as response
  • Jamal plugin doesn’t let me call API neither using browser nor curl, returning “403, please login”

If AuthMgrPlus is deactivated you can see the same beahviour.
I can’t find useful informations in my apache, php logs so I’d really appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you very much