Unable to setup plugin on yourl's


I am really new to YOURL’s . This is my setup:
I am setting this up using a Dockerfile: This is what my docker File looks like:

FROM yourls:1.7.6

I am deploying this on AWS EBS(Elastic Beanstalk) and every thing works fine. The issue is that now i want to install a plugin https://github.com/timcrockford/302-instead

The instruction says all i need to do is place a folder in the plugins directory . I am not sure how to do that… I have tried these commands in dockerfile but no luck:
COPY 302-instead/plugin.php /var/www/html/user/plugins/

COPY 302-instead/plugin.php /var/www/app/user/plugins/302-instead/

Please help to me achieve this.

You need to eventually have <yourls dir>/user/plugins/<dir of a plugin>/plugin.php
(eg user/plugins/302-instead/plugin.php)

Yes that’s what needs to be done. But my question is how to do that ? I mean the am new to docker also I am not sure how I can access the files and the place this file and folder at that path?

It’s not windows machine that I can login and place the file in that folder .

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