Run snippet of code after a click

I’m not sure if this should be a plugin or not. I am looking either for a developer or some assistance with running a snippet of code after a click, similar to how it’s being logged in the dashboard.

Basically - code runs like this:

  1. After the click
  2. run command here with $title, timestamp etc

Hello @U677352456, thanks for opening this thread!

I’m not sure to understand the link with YOURLS…
Maybe you mean “hit” instead of “click”?

Thanks for the reply - if you are, or know of a developer that could make a plugin, let me know as I’m willing to pay for it. I wanted to post here first in the meantime.

I guess that’s what I mean. Basically, when URL’s inserts a log entry into the database, I want a snippet of code to be ran to send a metric to carbon-cache for storing in graphite. So basically like this:

“echo something.something.something.$title 1 date +%s | nc IP port”

I can read the mySQL data however, it’s difficult to visualize in grafana since the queries are limited. It would be easier to just push a $title with a 1 and timestamp to graphite as time series data.

Clearer now, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

You, or the developer that would do the plugin for you, can take inspiration from Don’t Log Bots plugin.