Question: How to avoid creating shortURLs with special Chars

I want to shorted some google drive links that contain special chars. (encoding not an issue)
but the short link created keeps containing ^ & % - in them. I have to repeatedly create new short links until I receive something with just letters and numbers. Wondering if there’s any way to disable using these characters in the short link.

I don’t understand what you’re explaining or asking

thanks for the response mr ozh.

my question is, how do you prevent short url’s from using special characters in them. when I try to shorten links that are long (for ex google drive share links) the short link that is created contains either ‘^’ , ‘%’ or ‘-’ which I wouldn’t like them to have. I want simple numbers and letters to be in the link.

I check the short url char set in the includes/functions.php file and there I didn’t find ^ , % or - . but still they appear in my short urls.

Short URLs don’t contain special chars. Unless you make them do so (with a plugin for instance)

Something is non-standard in your setup, either a plugin or something else, because this isn’t normal behavior. In fact, I use the “Allow Hyphens in Short URLs” plugin just to allow hyphens.

]You can use this diagnostic plugin to create a simple report that might be helpful in troubleshooting:

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