Question about YOURLS's source code?

Hi everyone!
I have a mission about understand YOURLS’s source code.
So where could I find index.html file in the source code, I only see index.php file.
And which code handle shorten long URL into short URL? Is it in functions.php file in includes directory?
If anyone can help me, I so appreciate it! Thank you!

Hello @quangsdz, thanks for your message.

Before answering your questions, could you explain who give you this mission? What is the context of this?

Hi LeoCoLomb!
I have a graduation thesis about Secure URL Shorten Services, so my mission is understanding function, architecture of the source code and maybe improve it!
Thanks for your reply!

Well, not sure I understand the question. The whole source code is here:

There is no index.html indeed
The admin part starts at /admin/index.php
The client part starts at /yourls-loader.php

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Oh thanks @ozh, missed the latest answer!

@quangsdz I would second @ozh for the link. The most important things are documented, so if your job is to understand how it work, you need to find logic by yourself (but it’s not very complicated)!

We may help you on more specific questions thought, but yeah, much more specific. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pro tip: I’m sure you’ll get bonus point if you explain in your thesis what is open source software. (A good start on this can be:

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Hi! Thank you guys for reply me?
I have another question and it definitely more specific is that Can the source code run in Internet Information Service on Window server? I had try but I wonder I do the right way!
Thank You!

You can find many information and how-to guides on the wiki:

@LeoColomb I had created file web.config like in
and upload source code into inetpub directory but I can’t access YOURLS
Any solution to this?

I had create file web.config like in
And put that file in YOURLS directory but I still can’t access to service.

I had create file web.config in YOURLS directory like in
but I can’t access service.
Any solution to this?
Thank you!