Problems with Shorted Links

First sorry for my bad ENG.
And i hope im right here.

On my Fresh Install of YOURLA 1.7.9 i have some Problems.
(I try to use this on a Windows Server and a Sub Domain (

If i use the Firefox Addon from YOURLS to short a Link all work perfect.
But if i use the SAME link and insert this via the Admin Panel of YOURLS and use this link i get an 403 error.

Can some one help a stupid man?


no one can help me ? ?

Wow nice answer/support.

Double check your config.php CHECK

Disable plugins CHECK (its a fresh install)

Enable debugging mode CHECK

Use latest release CHECK

Check server logs CHECK ([21-Oct-2020 13:32:36 UTC] ‘YwWj’)

You’re welcome. If that’s unsatisfactory, bitly paid plans with paid support may be a valid option for you. The answer for your problem is very probably somewhere in the wiki but it seems to me you prefer come here and have people search for you. ?

Also, this line is close to useless. Is that really what your server log says? Nothing else ?

Yes there is nothing and all other lines look same
and i read the IIS link and create this file.

hmmm… so longe time and no one can help?

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