Problem with shortening some complex link

my Yourls’ version is latest 1.8.1 and php7.4
I’ve found some problem shortening certain URLs, for example:{“Tid”%3A"2e10e44d-c7b9-43e3-b020-1292482e504a"%2C"Oid"%3A"edc45bf1-5f98-4b00

My server returns:{"Tid":"2e10e44d-c7b9-43e3-b020-1292482e504a","Oid":"edc45bf1-5f98-4b00

and link doesn’t work.
From Awesome YOURLS I installed plugin yourls-fix-long-url but this problem remains.

Is it intentional that YOURLS decodes characters like column : and at @ in the uploaded url?
I also read #1651 issue but it’s more than 7 years old, I think many things have changed in the follwing YOURLS releases.

Thank you very much.

Works for me :

i used @ecesarini first link on my install and yourls returned the short link of however clicking that ends up with a link of“Tid”%3A2e10e44d-c7b9-43e3-b020-1292482e504a%2COid%3Aedc45bf1-5f98-4b00
I then activated the yourls-fix-long-url plugin, created a new short url and it returned the full url as originally posted.

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