Plugin List Links

This code is no longer live on the Awesome yourls list (it is a 404 page).

If I wanted to change the code so that there is a Title column pulling from each entry, why does inserting a similar line
echo ‘’. $query_result->title . ‘’;

Plugin Name: List Links
Plugin URI:
Description: Shows an admin page that just lists your 1000 most recent links for quick viewing
Version: 1.0
Author: Ruth Kitchin Tillman
Author URI:

// No direct call
if( !defined( 'YOURLS_ABSPATH' ) ) die();

yourls_add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'listlinks_add_page' );
function listlinks_add_page() {
        yourls_register_plugin_page( 'list_links', 'Basic Link List', 'listlinks_do_page' );
// Display popular links
function listlinks_do_page() {
        $nonce = yourls_create_nonce('list_links');
        echo '<h2>A basic list of my links</h2>';

listlinks_table(1000); // change from 1000 to whatever number of links you desire

function listlinks_table($numlinks) {

global $ydb;
 $table_url = YOURLS_DB_TABLE_URL;

$query = $ydb->get_results("SELECT url, keyword, timestamp FROM `$table_url` order by timestamp desc limit $numlinks");
if ($query) {
        echo '<table><thead><tr><th>Keyword</th><th>URL</th></tr></thead>';

        foreach( $query as $query_result ) {
                echo '<tr><td>';
                echo $query_result->keyword;
                echo '</td><td>';
                echo '<a href="' . $query_result->url . '">'. $query_result->url . '</a>';
                echo '</td></tr>';
        echo '</table>';

Hello @jamiers99, thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply.

Indeed, the “List Links” link seems to resolve on a 404.
Would you aim opening a pull request to remove the link?
And why not adding your version in you own repository and replace the link with your new one?