Path redirect (not only query string)

I have found few implementations of passing get params to longurl.

most of theme propose get params forwarding. Like:
shortlink: httpx://
destination link: httpx://short.url/somepath
httpx:// => httpx://short.url/somepath?param1=xxx&param2=yyy

but I have bit difference case, like
httpx:// => httpx://short.url/somepath/someparam0/someparamX?param1=xxx&param2=yyy

Is there any plugin or setting that allows to do such redirection?

All known plugins are listed on

If you don’t find what you need:

I’ve visited both links before. And try all plugins written for similar purpose.

Unfortunately I was not able to write my own plugin (I found page with list of hooks avalible), thats why I’m stick to nginx solution. It has no pretty stats and admin panel, but it’s easy to implement.

Some of my problems probably was due to another plugin installed in yourls - geo redirects.

I will try to add full url in future if will have free time for that or if reciving stats will be crucial for customer.

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