Password problem


I have the problem that I can only log into my Yourls on my domain on one PC.

When I log in on my second laptop it says username or password wrong.

Is there a solution?

I’m going to look patronizing a bit, but are you sure you entering the correct login/password? YOURLS doesn’t check the host or whatever when you log, it just checks if the login & pwd match.

Yes I am sure that I have entered the correct username and password.
I have even created another user. Again, I have the problem on my second PC or even on my mobile phone.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

No. It could be lots of things, and most likely not something related with YOURLS. See

Now I have the problem that I deleted the history and cookies on my browser where it worked, and now I can’t log in there either.

I have installed YOURLS in the root directory. Are there any tips on how to fix the problem without removing the links that have been shortened so far?

Thank you so much.

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