No hash by yourls > impossible to login

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Everything was ok since the beginning with yourls but today, impossible to login, it redirects me all the time to the login page.

I’ve checked the password in config.php, it was hashed so I created a new one but the new one never works and stays in plain text even after closing it…

I was on 1.7.3 so I updated to 1.7.4 but that didn’t helped.
Would you know what happens here? :frowning:

Thank you for reading

Hello @ikyamoet, thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply.

Did you get a solution?
If not, are you sure it is not related to a browser change?

Hello Leo,

Yes I got things to work in the end, problem was the xtremcache that was activated in my cpanel…


Thanks to answer me anyway :slight_smile:


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