Need help with YOULS github

I have completely revised the previous German translation (de.DE.po, and the template file (YOURLS.pot).
Since I am not familiar with Github and am new to it, I do not know how to make the files available.
I created a fork for “YOURLS-de_DE” and a fork for “YOURLS.pot”. Do I have to do this “pull request” now? Will the developer of YOURLS also be informed if my YOURLS-de_DE fork is already a fork of another person (since I have used the translation of the “Jules81 / YOURLS-de_DE” fork as a template) - or should I do the revised translation files better Upload to my YOURLS.pot fork instead of creating an extra fork?


It depends, both approach can make sense:

  • Minor corrections : best is to send a pull request to the original de_DE translation
  • Complete new way of seeing things, or the original translator doesn’t share your views: best is to maintain your own de_DE fork. In such a case send a pull request (ie fork, edit and send pull request) on to get your translation listed

Thanks for your help. I have now tried it as described in the second variant - hopefully I did it right.

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