Multi-user plugin

The forums seem quiet, I hope there’s someone here who can help!

I’ve activated the multi-user plugin on my install as I’m looking to offer a user registration system on my install. However I see the plugin hasn’t been actively developed since 2012!

I’ve seen an updated fork by keslar on github that adds LDAP support but seemingly not much else.

Does anyone know if any issues have arisen since multi-user 1.7beta and the current yourls 1.7.9?

No clue as far as I’m concerned, I don’t use this plugin. Your best chance is with plugin authors I think.

Hey Ryan,

Have you figured this out yet? I’m also looking to offer user registration but I can’t seem to find anything about it!


Hey Zudle, I’m afraid not. The Multi-User plugin by Matheus appears to be well and truly abandoned, and keslar’s fork didn’t fare much better.

I didn’t feel confident using a plugin so out of date, even if I could find a way to make it work, so I’ve abandoned the idea of using YOURLS for my project unfortunately. YOURLS seems only suited to remain as a private or intranet based url shortening service.

Thanks for the reply!

May I ask what you’re currently using for your project?


I haven’t really moved this project onwards for the timebeing, although I have been looking at

I too am interested in an updated multi-user support plugin.

some other ideas that would be handy (in no particular order)

  • Account activation using email (like phpmailer)
  • Redirects be configurable per user - any site or required to be same site (like sho.rt/XXX -> or /teams/XXX)
  • A User only able to create a max number of shorten links