Modify colspan, hooking in tfooter


in my yourls-based service (php 7.2.24, mariadb 10.3.17) I made a plugin to make visibile (just) to the admins the name of the users who uploaded the urls: so you can count 7 columns in my main_table.
I got some problems:

  1. The tablesorter won’t work in the new column: I get a jquery error, beacuse it expects to find the same number of columns between thead and tfoot.
  2. The tfoot search table doesn’t align: it ends (as it should despite my plugin) at the the right edge of the “Actions” column, just before the last one I added.

I tried to solve the problem related to functions-html.php. At line 229 I changed colspan from “6” to “7” and my page got fixed.
It’s not a good idea to keep core code altered, so is it possibile to take into account a hook-filter to handle that value?

Another interesting thing it would be adding the value of the new column to the search box in the footer, but it seems harder than former.
Maybe it would need a filter to shunt or add the new query to DB in thead section. I digged into the code but the only hook about tfoot I found is an action at the end of function yourls_html_tfooter
(line 353 in functions-html.php) and i think it wouldn’t be useful for my goal.

Thank you very much,

Yes! Filters and actions are exactly designed to allow for customization without modifying core files. If you’re facing a situation where you’re thinking “I need another filter or action here”, just submit a pull request with it. We’re very open to merging these and adding any hook that is needed in a real use case.