Missing dashes with 1.7.10

I recently updated from 1.7.7 to 1.7.10 (at least that’s what the banner says — I thought I was actually installing 1.7.9).

I have a pretty stock installation, no third-party plug-ins. We did activate the “allow hyphens” built-in plug-in, and have a number of short URLs that have them.

After copying over the updated YOURLS code, the admin console now shows all my short URLs that had hyphens as ones that omit the hyphen. In other words, if it used to be https://tcg.sh/my-url it now says https://tcg.sh/myurl.

Whether I visit the short URL with, or without, the hyphen, the original long link is not followed. Other short urls that never had a hyphen continue to work properly.

When attempting to click on the pencil to edit the entries in the admin console that have the hyphen, I get an error “Error, URL not found”

I have attempted to de-activate and re-activate the built-in plugin for hyphens, but that doesn’t improve things.

What should I be looking at to resolve the issue?

I have no answer, but this definitely make me nervous! I hope someone has some insight as I rely on the hyphens in essentially all of my links.

@nbfa I’m confused as to which version of YOURLS you are running, could you clarify the update process you went through?

I confirm I cannot reproduce this.

I reverted my install on 1.7.6, activated the plugin “Allow Hyphens in Short URLs”, created a short URL hey-ho : works.
I updated to latest master (displaying 1.7.10), the short URL still works.

After restoring, I retraced my steps, re-updated, and could not reproduce the error.

The original upgrade was simple enough: backup extant files and database, download new release tarball, extract, cp -pR the downloaded files into the directory holding the static files (in my case, /var/www/team/public_html directory). Once I logged back into our YOURLS admin console, the hyphens were gone, irrespective of the status of the built-in plugin. I tried different browsers, rebooted the virtual machine — same experience.

So there you go. It’s functioning correctly this time, and I’m appreciative and content. As a bonus, the version I downloaded from GitHub and the footer of the admin console now are in alignment with version 1.7.9 this time.

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