Local Browser Caching?

I created a shortened URL and it worked perfectly. I changed the underlying URL and it is showing the updated URL in the “Dashboard”. However, using the shortened URL leads me to the outdated URL. Is YOURLS sending a no cache parameter so that the change of the underlying URL is seen by a revisit to the shortened URL after only a short period of time?

IOW, I made the link. Tested it. It worked. Gave it to a friend. It worked for them. They asked me to change the landing URL. I changed it. The panel shows the updated URL. But when either of us use the shortened URL it goes to the landing page that was there before it was changed. (In short, we updated from version 0.7 to 0.8, but it still points to 0.7.)

Browsers cache redirection. Clear browser cache. If you think this is going to be a frequent situation, use a YOURLS plugin to explicitly tell the browser not to cache redirections.

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Thanks. That is what I suspected and needed.


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