How do I setup the domains limit for my shorten links?

Hello, I tried to setup the domain limit by following the domainlimit plugin. After setup, I can activate the plugin in the admin backend interface and also add domains ex. ‘’, ‘’ in the domains list allowed. However, when I tried to shorten the links at frontend with any other domains link which is not allowed the shorten links still go through successfully which means that my setup is not working properly!!!

Does anyone have a play with this before? Much appreciated for your thoughts and share.

I setup as guidance in the plugin as below

Define a list of allowed domains in your user/config.php. For example: $domainlimit_list = array( '', '' );
You may also optionally specify a list of usernames that are exempt from this restriction. domainlimit_exempt_users = array( 'bobadmin' );

I think your safest bet would be to open an issue on the plugin’s repository

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