How can I create a secure public signature

Hi, I use YOURLS publicly and I try to use Multi-User Plugin but it’s not working so I created a user (not admin) to gave its signature token (just signature) to other people that use my API and create short links remotely.
I want to know if it is possible for someone to abuse and delete all short links remotely or do some other sabotage? (No one has a password and username just has the signature.)
If this is possible and can be abused, what is the solution?

Out of the box (ie without plugins adding extra features for instance) the API can only shorten link or get information. See the readme: YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener.

Thanks for responding, you have any idea how can I add the multi-user option to YOURLS?

Sorry I don’t know this plugin

Not this plugin any other idea?

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