Forward slash being removed between domain and path

All, sorry to be a bother. I posted this question in the git issue for URL encoding issues, but I am not sure that is correct. Lately, when I try to use the tool, I am having a problem where, despite the long/target URL being saved correctly, when you try to use the shortened version, the redirect sends you to a version of the long URL minus the forward slash between the domain and the path. Is anyone else seeing this? Have you figured out a way around it?

ACTUAL url you want to shorten: First example, but true for other URLS…
How you have shortened it: the “regular way” (cut and paste the in admin area then click Shorten)
How it’s displayed in YOURLS’ admin (URL and title): (see attached image)
URL that you are redirected to: https://sandiegozoo.freshservice.comsupport/catalog/items/73
any other relevant comment: The only problem seems to be that it is missing the forward slash after the URL domain - it is losing it somehow.

Ubuntu 18.04.6
PHP 7.2.24

YOURLS 1.7.9
Active Plugins: Allow Hyphens in Short URLs and Allow Aliases

Thank you for any help!

What if you disable plugins ?

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