Fatal Error in function-html

I’ve tried out hosting on 000webhost just to try things out. My site is hosted on yelli.page/admin.
I’ve followed all the exact instruction, however when you visit the website you can see that this error is being thrown up:

**Fatal error** : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function yourls_nonce_field() in /storage/ssd2/920/15104920/public_html/includes/functions-html.php:193 Stack trace: #0 /storage/ssd2/920/15104920/public_html/admin/index.php(310): yourls_html_addnew() #1 {main} thrown in **/storage/ssd2/920/15104920/public_html/includes/functions-html.php** on line **193**

What do I do about this?

Fixed by adding require_once( dirname( __DIR__ ).'/includes/functions-auth.php'); to config.php

Things have probably been wrongly installed. I guess you can imagine that if we had that error in YOURLS it would have been reported, and fixed, years ago.