Facing 404 error on stats page

I just recently installed the latest release (1.7.9) from GitHub. Almost everything is working perfectly. I can create shortlinks and it successfully redirects me to the intended URL. But, whenever I try to open the stats page for the URL (additional + added to the end of a shortlink), I get 404 Not Found error. I do have .htaccess enabled and configured properly.

I tried looking at everything related to my issue online. My .htaccess is configured and working. It’s not any plugin I’m running the latest release. The config.php file was correctly configured and the setup process went smoothly without throwing any errors. I can’t find any probable cause for the stats page not showing up.

With no actual URL, actual config, actual htaccess, actual anything, I’m not sure what you’re expecting from anyone to be honest :slight_smile:

Simple: your htaccess is wrong.

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