Every short-url keyword works, except "abholung"

Hallo everyone!

I have a yourls installation running since last fall.
Today i had my first error and can’t find out why I happens.

I can’t set up the short url /abholung. Every link I try to shorten to /abholung goes to a 403 page.

Neither the Nginx access.log nor the error.log gives me a hint to what goes wrong here.

Can someone help me debug this?

Thanks –M

Either you have a specific YOURLS plugin that prevents this (assuming you didn’t defined that word as forbidden in your config.php), or you have something at server level.

In first case: disable plugins and try. In second case: what happens when you try to access any page on your server with that word as part of the URL.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with YOURLS

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