Empty screen on install

After uploading all files to my server, and configuring /user/config.php, I point my browser to https://subdomain.mysite.com/admin/.

I see the yourls logo. I have debugging ‘on’, and, underneath the ‘Install YOURLS’ button, I can see this notice (of course {{db}} is a placeholder):

Connected to database {{my db}} on mysql.mysite.com
SQL: SHOW TABLES LIKE ‘yourls_options’ (0.00035 s)

So, yourls can see the db.

Pressing ‘Install YOURLS’ results in an empty screen (on Safari) or a HTTP ERROR 500 (on Chrome). The console is also empty.

I’m running PHP7.3 on Apache on Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS.
I have YOURLS running on another domain on the same server. (But not on a subdomain).

Turning on PHP debugging shows this error message after pressing ‘Install YOURLS’:

Fatal error : Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes in /home/{{websitefolder}}/includes/vendor/aura/sql/src/ExtendedPdo.php:748 Stack trace: #0 /home/{{websitefolder}}/includes/vendor/aura/sql/src/ExtendedPdo.php(748): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/{{websitefolder}}/includes/functions-install.php(252): Aura\Sql\ExtendedPdo->perform(‘CREATE TABLE IF…’) #2 /home/{{websitefolder}}/admin/install.php(46): yourls_create_sql_tables() #3 {main} thrown in /home/{{websitefolder}}/includes/vendor/aura/sql/src/ExtendedPdo.php on line 748

How to resolve this?

See https://github.com/YOURLS/YOURLS/issues/2734

Thanks for pointing me there.

I tried this, which changed nothing.

What worked for me was changing the character encoding of my database to utf8.

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