Cosmetic HMTL changes to Core, best practice?

We need to make minor changes to the cosmetics of the displayed pages, Public (root index.php) and Admin. For example, we need to show more of the URL Input field (len=128) and a few other minor, but important to us, cosmetic changes.
I cannot find anything in the docs or anywhere, and the plugins do not seem to cover this aspect. We do not want to mod the Core files, but see no easy way to “override” the presentation aspects of the code in functions-html.php, for example.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hello @slashsplat, thanks for your message.

This is something you added on your own, not part of YOURLS.
Then feel free to edit at your convenience! :slightly_smiling_face:

More tricky… and I’m not sure it is doable, indeed.

Appreciate your response.
My reference to (root index.php) was to YOUR suggested use of sample-public-front-page.txt renamed as index.php. Understand that is an “unsupported” file, but still would like to be in the automatic update chain.
So, the answer is that you are “not sure it is doable”. I was able to do it with mantis bug tracker. I could grab a function and put it in a file that took precedence as the function was searched for.
Or, better yet, you could segregate your actual cosmetic HTML so it stands outside of the logic.
Seems like lots of folks are going to want to mod the HTML presentation without affecting the logic. Accommodating that should not be rocket surgery…
Is that something that you consider to be of value to the user population???

The reality is the total opposite! :wink:

  • sample-public-front-page.txt is an example, a supported and maintained template.
  • When using this template (or any other file) to create an index.php, sample-public-front-page.txt is left unmodified, and index.php won’t be changed during YOURLS updates.

Then, yes, feel free to do whatever you want with your index file. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid this is a lot of work. It is not plan for v1.x.y versions.
That said, I’m sure you can apply a workaround with CSS.

Understood about sample… file. I was mistaken about it being supported. The point is that it WILL include updates that SHOULD be incorporated to MY version of it (index.php), and those would have to be done manually. My concern remains.
Yes, segregating html presentation would take some work, and I understand it is not slated at this time.
However, the changes I am interested in (that we have implemented) cannot be done in CSS, as they relate to verbiage, position, and alignment of components that are not under CSS definition.
One thing that mantisBT did was to externalize ALL of the text that is presented into “language” files, so that the appropriate file could be edited and the verbiage (titles, descriptions, etc.) changed to suit the implementer. That could be a good start. If we could embed some simple html in that, it would go VERY FAR to accomplishing the customization in which we are interested.
HAPPY NEW DECADE TO ALL. (almost decade, OK…)

Oh I see your point.
But yeah, for now there isn’t any particular solution.
v2 might fix this for you, but v2 is still at an early stage (not public yet).

Ha ha, thanks, happy new year! (100% new year :wink: )

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