Can't make short URL -- Returns Site Unreachable

I was trying to create 2 short URLs but both of them return the same error message Site Unreachable. Try again later.

The links were pointing to Instangram and Twitter

Both are reachable if you put the URLs in the web browsers.

I don’t understand why it won’t let me create the short URL. I ended up adding the 2 directly into the database and the short links do work

Running YOURLS 1.7.9 with PHP 7.4 with MySQL 5.7.32

Thank you!

All I want to know is how YOURLS determines if a long URL is reachable or not. My 2 long URLS ARE reachable but YOURLS reports they aren’t.

I do have Google Safe Browsing enabled as well but both Twitter and Instagram are well-know public websites so it should be reachable regardless.

Thank you once again

The 2 links I was trying to make short links of are:

thanks again

I tested and was able to add these links successfully from the main YOURLs window. The auto-title for the Instagram shows “page not found” but this is due to the way Instagram handles these requests and the link works. The Twitter link is made and works as normal.

Thanks for checking into this.

I think the Upper Midwest states had some DNS issues over the past weekend.

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