All users are admins? No role/user control?

Hi, I looked around alot about this but I was unable to find an answer so I am asking here.
I just set up a YOURLS instance on my own server and everything runs fine and I’m 100% happy with it except for one thing: all users (defined in user/config.php -> $yourls_user_passwords) see everything done by all other users. Not only, but anyone can edit/delete links from other users. It’s like everyone is an admin. Is this how is it intended to work or am I missing something out? I thought it was possible to make it so every user could manage their links and theirs only…
Thank you to everyone who will help me understand.

Hello @AC-1982, thanks for your message.

Indeed, YOURLS doesn’t not support user and role control, yet.
You might find plugins to filter permissions, I suggest to take a look at the plugin list:

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I’ll check into the plugin list again but I don’t think there’s anything capable of doing what I’d like to do.
Thank you again! Have a nice day