A new Python 3 wrapper library

I’ve just released the first version my new YOURLS wrapper library for Python 3, which is now available on PyPI under the name Pyourls3. It’s got documentation (to be improved in due course also) and example code and is designed to be simple and easy to use.

This was written to replace the older python-yourls package that’s listed on https://yourls.org, which was last commited to 11 years ago, and since then Python 3 has been released, so I thought I’d try my hand at creating my first package to replace this. It’s got a similar structure to the old one, but has been written from the ground up and incorporates support for “stats” unlike the older library

I’d quite like it if this project were listed alongside the older library for Python 2, but I thought I’d share it here regardless.

The GitHub (links to PyPI and the docs): https://github.com/codemicro/pyourls3

  • Tom

Thanks @codemicro, that’s amazing! :tada:

You can submit a PR to awesome-yourls to get it listed on.

Pull request submitted, it’s #46.

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